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About Us

Everything about us.

Why Choose Let’s Run

Be part of a highly positive team creating strong bonds among runners.


You’ll improve your fitness levels and performance through well-thought training programs.


Challenge and motivate yourself with your teammates within a specific running group.


You’ll have access to running coaches within the team ready to answer all of your questions.

“Run as long as you can with your legs, when these start letting you down, run with your head and when the head gets tired, run with your heart to cross the finish line!” – Pia Nehme

let’S run is a non-profit, friendly, community based and professional Track and Field & Road Running Club in Lebanon whose aim is to:

Help and encourage all club members to reach and exceed their potential, no matter what their targets may be.

Create an inclusive community for dedicated athletes to train, compete and cultivate long lasting friendships.

Grow, manage and promote the running community in Lebanon.

Be actively present in Lebanon’s official and fun athletics activities.

Attract, motivate and support Lebanese talented athletes to grow and reach international level.

Benefits of Joining the Club

There are a number of benefits from joining our club:

  • You’ll get advice from experienced coaches and runners on how to start running how to avoid injuries how to improve and how to run at different paces and over different distances.
  • You’ll get motivation and enjoyment from running with other people; you will almost certainly find other people in the club who are about the same standard as you (even if you think you are slow); the club consists of runners from all levels: from amateurs to supersonics.
  • You’ll improve your fitness level and performance but also have the opportunity to challenge yourself during official races.
  • We welcome any runner to join our training sessions once or twice to make sure they enjoy the training and the team. However if you wish to benefit from long term training and join races with the club we kindly ask you to pay our annual contribution.

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